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Expenditure estimation is the initial step of every home improvement project, no matter its complexity and specifics. You will never be ripped off by local contractors when you're aware of all overhead costs.

When it comes to window replacement, the cost is a prime consideration. The average price for one replacement window goes up to $850, not counting labor costs that vary from one state to another.

This guide outlines in-depth window costs to help you calculate expenditures and avoid going beyond the budget. We leave no stone unturned in explaining the formation of the window installation prices. Keep reading to make a well-thought-out investment in window replacement.

Installing new windows is the right call

Window replacement is an essential investment in your home that brings high ROI. New windows improve house curb appeal and let natural light and fresh air in. They offer better insulation and reduce the workload of the HVAC system. On top of that, they make a home energy-efficient and more appealing to potential buyers.

Though the replacement project may be quite expensive (up to $50,000 for all windows changed in a house), it offers undeniable advantages to homeowners, including:

  • increased energy savings - up to 12% per year
  • get up to 75-80% return on investment of the initial window replacement costs
  • boost the home's resale value by 3.5-4.5%
  • enhance comfort and aesthetics in a home
  • increase the amount of natural light flooding the rooms
  • revive the house's peace and quiet by blocking out external sounds
  • reduce condensation
  • reduce the number of units needed to heat or cool the rooms

Top factors affecting the cost of new windows

If you're about to hire a certified contractor to carry out window installation, you should be aware of the factors that determine the project's cost. Here are the elements contributing to the price of replacement windows:

  • window size and style
  • window frame material
  • the installation type (full-frame or retrofit)
  • insulation requirements
  • the number of windows replaced in a house
  • the type of glass used in replacement windows
  • the labor cost per hour in the region
  • your home's geographical location
  • the window brand you choose to purchase from

What are the average window installation costs?

The average window replacement price ranges between $240 and $850 per unit. While calculating the total expenses, don’t forget to include labor costs for a window installation – they can raise your bill by $100 to $300. Besides, you should consider the difficulty level of accessing the window. If you own a two- or three-story house, your installation costs may increase by 25-30% per additional story. The replacement costs always rise if contractors need special equipment and skills to remove old windows and install new ones. And though you can’t calculate the exact window replacement cost without getting price quotes from different local contractors, you can still figure out an indicative project budget based on the presented information.

Average costs to replace windows (updated in 2023)

Type of cost


National average






Costs to replace multiple windows

If you are about to start a big window replacement project (for example, you want to replace most or all of your windows), you may qualify for /promotions available for bulk buyers. Rebates can be provided by contractors, window manufacturers, and even the utility company you use.

In most cases, making a large order results in good savings on labor and material costs. The contractors’ overhead expenses stay the same regardless of the number of windows they replace. So be sure to contact several local contractors, get their free project estimates, and choose the most beneficial one.

How to calculate the costs by window frame materials?

Window frames serve as a structural base and play a crucial role in the long-lasting operation of your windows. That's why it is essential to start with choosing the frame and then move to select the right glass panes.

Below you'll find information about key types of window frame materials, their pros, cons, and average costs.

Vinyl window frames

Replacement cost per window

$230 to $650


Vinyl window frames are among the most popular and affordable materials offering high value. They're made of polyvinyl chloride and protect a house from heat and moisture. Besides, they require no painting and are available in different designs, so you may select the option that best fits the architectural layout of your house.


Vinyl window frames have a limited color range, and they are not as durable and robust as aluminum, wood, or fiberglass.

Aluminum window frames

Replacement cost per window

$175 to $420


Aluminum windows work best for those who first put frames’ strength and durability. They are lightweight, long-lasting, and resistant to wear and tear. Moreover, they are offered in various modern designs and are not prone to mold and rot.


Aluminum windows are poor for holding heat if compared to other frame materials. Without proper thermal treatment, they can affect the temperature inside, putting extra strain on the HVAC system. On top of that, aluminum is prone to corrosion.

Fiberglass window frames

Replacement cost per window

$800 to $1.250


Modern fiberglass windows are durable, strong, and easy to maintain. They're resistant to extreme temperature, can be painted in any color, and ensure excellent energy efficiency.


Fiberglass is costly compared to more affordable frame materials.

Wooden window frames

Replacement cost per window

$325 to $750


Classic wooden windows highlight the beauty of your house. They are durable, green, provide a great variety of wood species to choose from, and serve as excellent insulators. This material is best for replacing antique windows.


Wooden frames are pretty expensive in comparison to fiberglass or vinyl ones. They are subject to moisture damage and require regular maintenance.

Composite window frames

Replacement cost per window

$550 to $975


These window frames mimic wood but are left non-vulnerable to deterioration as their inner layer is covered with aluminum or vinyl. Composite frames have thermal properties and structural strength similar to natural wood. They're energy-efficient and offer long service life with little to no maintenance.


A homeowner will have to spend a pretty penny on this type of window frame. DIY installation is not possible.

How to determine installation costs by window type?

Having decided to replace your old windows, you may have numerous options to select from. Not to get confused, make sure to consider two key factors that influence the cost of new windows:

  • window design
  • window frame material

Window designs vary from single-hung, arched, jalousie, circle, and picture options to the casement, skylight, sliding, bow, egress, and bay ones, to name a few. While choosing the right type, think about the following:

  • How often are you going to open the window?
  • Where will the window be placed?
  • What function will the window perform?

Once you decide on a suitable window design, you may need to calculate approximate installation costs by window type. While the price for a simple single-hung window is quite affordable ($250 per one unit installation), the cost of a sliding window may reach $1.250 to install.

Labor costs to a window installation start from $39 per hour. The more non-standard your window type is, the higher your installation costs will be since the process will take more time and require highly qualified specialists.

Below you’ll find the table presenting the costs to replace windows (including installation).

Window type

Average price per window

Single-hung window

$175 to $375

Double-hung window

$300 to $850

Arched window

$325 to $500

Awning window

$420 to $760

Bay window

$1,200 to $3,600

Bow window

$1,450 to $3,900

Casement window

$290 to $770

Circle window

$255 to $760

Egress window

$1,100 to $5,100

Garden window

$1,050 to $4,100

Glass block window

$450 to $1,150

Hopper window

$250 to $700

Jalousie window

$180 to $390

Picture window

$350 to $850

Skylight window

$910 to $2,100

Sliding window

$300 to $1,250

Sliding glass door window

$1,075 to $2,650

Storm window

$210 to $475

Transom window

$190 to $580

What to know about installation costs by window brands?

The window industry is highly competitive, so brands constantly improve their products by adding new features. They continue to offer unique solutions to meet and exceed customer expectations.

We’ve analyzed multiple companies' products by features like energy efficiency, durability, safety, affordability, and many others. See the table below to find out the costs of window brands popular countrywide (the given data is based on the average prices for a double-hung window of a standard size).

Window brand


Average price per window

Average window installation costs

Total price per window

Pella Double Hung Window

Limited lifetime warranty




Andersen Double Hung Window

20 years – on the glass, 10 years – on other window parts




Harvey Double Hung Window

20 years – on screening and hardware




Milgard Double Hung Window

Full lifetime warranty




Marvin Double Hung Window

10 years – on the glass, 20 years - free from defects cladding finish, 10 years – free from coastal corrosion




Atrium Double Hung Window

Limited lifetime warranty, 25 years – on the glass




Atrium Double Hung Window

Limited lifetime warranty, 25 years – on the glass




Simonton Double Hung Window

20 years – on screening and hardware, limited lifetime warranty




Our window cost calculator aims to ease your budget and project planning, but prices may vary state by state. To get accurate quotes for window replacement, you need to reach out to several local companies. They will provide you with relevant estimates and information concerning the best window types and installation requirements.

If you don't want to waste your time on contractors' searching, submit a request on HomeQuote and get up to 5 window cost estimates from credible local contractors. Our service is your best bet to compare quotes from top-rated window companies operating in your area. Just specify your location and renovation needs. Once we scrutinize your data, you'll be provided with free, no-commitment estimates.

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