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Windows that boost the home's energy efficiency

If you aim to lower utility costs, consider installing energy-efficient windows. A wide range of factors, including glazing and U-values, add to the energy performance of a window. More on these factors you will find in the articles below.

Double-pane windows
Double-pane windows
Triple-pane windows
Triple-pane windows
Thermal windows
Thermal windows
Energy Star windows
Energy Star windows
Double-pane windows
Double-pane windows
Triple-pane windows
Triple-pane windows
Thermal windows
Thermal windows
Energy Star windows
Energy Star windows

The common window types installed in homes

The best way to bring natural light into your home and give it a refreshed look is to install new windows. To help you make an informed decision on the right window, we've made up a list of the top 18 options.

Single-hung windows
Single-hung windows
Arched windows
Arched windows
Bay windows
Bay windows
Bow windows
Bow windows
Single-hung windows
Single-hung windows
Arched windows
Arched windows
Bay windows
Bay windows
Bow windows
Bow windows

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Willie Browning, San Antonio, TX
I found my window professionals here

I lacked time looking for window replacement professionals myself, so a contractor-matching website seemed an excellent way to go. As soon as I left my request, I got an email with offers from local contractors.

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Mark Logan, Boston, MA
A reliable service for those who appreciate their time

Truth be told, I didn't expect to find affordable window installers in Boston so soon. HomeQuote paired me with licensed pros the same day, not charging any upfront costs.

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David Hurst, Orlando, FL
They paired me with a window contractor in Orlando

I left my request on the platform and got three offers from local window masters. I compared the given quotes and hired the cheapest company.

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Quick and efficient contractor-matching service

When I did my window contractors research, I came across this website. I decided to give it a try and turned up trumps. I hired a window company the same day.

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Kevin Newman, Huntington, NY
The best window crew in all Huntington was found here

The platform is easy-to-use and properly working. You only need to specify your area of living and the details of your project to get the ball rolling.

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I just had the contractor hired through HomeQuote replace four windows in my house, and everything was done professionally.

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Select the type of window you can install in your home

Decide on the window type to ensure they perfectly fit the building's architectural style and allow enough natural light in. Here are the top-sold options according to our window installation service specialists:

  • Double- and single-hung windows. These windows are much sought-after on the American market. Their separate sash construction helps to ensure kids' safety and creates an airflow through the house. These versatile windows are easy-to-clean and maintain.
  • Casement windows. This type of window is distinguished by large glass panels that provide ample light and excellent ventilation. A vertically hinged sash mechanism opens up and pivots casement windows, creating a firm seal and boosting house energy efficiency.
  • Awning windows. Thanks to their opening mechanism, these windows look like an awning when open. They're commonly matched with picture windows to create adequate ventilation.
  • Slider windows. These windows are opened sideways that works best for below-grade bedrooms. They ensure proper ventilation and clear views.

Consider the best material for your window frames

Today's window market offers a variety of frame options. However, vinyl, fiberglass, and wood are considered the best for window replacement.

The composite material merits include but are not limited to longevity, eco-friendliness, high energy efficiency, and corrosion resistance. However, the fiberglass window replacement price usually becomes a deal-breaker for cost-conscious homeowners.

Those who seek to highlight their traditional building style go for wooden window frames. Wood is a natural material that ensures perfect insulation and long-lasting performance. Nevertheless, wooden frames are rotten-prone and vulnerable to pests.

UPVC heads the list of the best window materials. Vinyl frames serve up to 20 years with little maintenance required. Thanks to its lightness and resistance to rot, mold, and corrosion, UPVS is the #1 choice among window contractors.

Estimate the average cost of your window project

Whether a window installation or replacement project is about to take place, the initial cost calculation won't go amiss. A homeowner should consider a handful of factors to get a preliminary estimation. The most crucial ones are windows number, their size, type, and the needed material.

If estimating the initial project cost seems daunting for you, leave it to HomeQuote. Our ramified window contractors network allows us to provide instant quotes for the required services in the client's area.


How long does it take to replace a window?

Time management is a good value to nurture in all business aspects, including window replacement. However, an activity can not always stick to a predetermined timing. For example, window replacement might take around 45 minutes to an hour per unit. It would be wrong to state an exact timeframe because there are some factors affecting the timing, like:

  • Size and type of window to replace
  • The complexity of window construction
  • Window installation requirements
  • The readiness of the window opening
  • Window location in the house

If there are some points you can prevent, you are likely to speed up the window replacement process.

What factors can affect a window replacement cost?

To install new windows, you need to remove the old ones. But this can take some additional expenditure, and you anticipate it won’t be so expensive. However, some factors can affect the replacement cost. Check them out below:

  • The type and size of window you want to replace
  • The window framing material
  • The brand of the window you want to install
  • The type of glass used in the window replacement
  • Your insulation requirements
  • The number of windows you want to replace
  • Your home’s location
  • The average labor costs in your region
  • The labor intensiveness of the project

Make sure to consult your contractor on all aspects of a window unit you want to install to budget your project correctly.

How to choose a suitable replacement window?

When searching for the best window unit for your home, you need to focus on two general things - energy efficiency and appearance. According to this, you should consider a range of parameters to understand what type of window you want to replace in your house.

  • Style and shape. Estimate the architecture of your house. It will help you decide what type of window fits better in your rooms: single-hung, double-hung, casement, awning, sliding, bay, picture, skylight, storm, or arched.
  • Frame material. Consider the local climate to decide on the frame option that can resist elements and serve you for years without much upkeep. Vinyl, aluminum, wood, and fiberglass are the most sought-after frame materials.
  • Type of glass pane. This window feature has a direct impact on its performance and insulation properties. Double- and triple-pane glazing can ensure the utmost energy efficiency of the window.

The window choice should also be based on the home's floor it's going to be installed, the type of room, and whether it is a sun-facing side of the house.

What factors make a window energy efficient?

The best choice of windows lies in ones that are energy efficient. What makes them exclusive? Keep in mind the following factors to discern an energy-efficient window:

  • Window frame construction. The frame of such windows contains materials with the best insulation properties: fiberglass, wood, PVC, composite, and aluminum.
  • Glazing type of window. An energy-efficient window that has a double or triple glazing, preventing heat loss.
  • Glass coating. Window glass has a low emissivity coating, providing better thermal protection and temperature regulation inside the house.

How to search for window contractors through HomeQuote?

It is very convenient to search for window contractors through contractor-matching services like HomeQuote. To accomplish your objective, you need to take a few simple steps:

  • Open the HomeQuote website
  • Choose “Windows” in the “Plan renovation project” section
  • Enter your ZIP code and press “Next step”
  • Select your window project: replacement, repair, or installation
  • Mention the number of windows you need to work on
  • Enter your personal data: address, email, first name, and last name

You need to provide the required information to help the platform match you with the best-fit window contractors in your region.

How to determine the right window size?

Determining the correct window size is not a challenge. To do that the accurate way, you need suitable instruments like a tape measure, pencil, and piece of paper. Then, you should check a window for the following parameters:

  • Window square: the window frame needs to have 90° angles in all four corners
  • Window width: start measuring at the top, middle, and bottom
  • Window height: from the bottom sill to the top of the head jamb
  • Window depth: the sill space from the back to the front of the trim

When taking measures of a window, ensure you do it from inside the home.

How to hire a reputable window contractor?

Hiring a reputable window contractor might seem tricky at first sight. You can search them on your own, typing in requests in a search Google bar and surfing many websites, blogs, etc. On the other hand, you can benefit from the use of contract-matching platforms doing the most challenging job for you. For example, HomeQuote is a free-access platform allowing homeowners to find professional window contractors with several clicks. You will receive a list of potential window contractors to choose the one that suits you most. HomeQuote cooperates with licensed and trusted local window contractors nationwide, providing top-notch service and an extensive warranty.

What questions to ask a window contractor before signing a deal?

Before making any deal with a window contractor, you should outline some questions that will save you from significant losses and incompetent service. Among those questions, these can be:

  • How long do you offer window installation service?
  • Do you have a license and insurance?
  • Do you provide any warranties?
  • What is the labor cost per hour or window?
  • What area do you operate in?
  • What types of windows do you replace?

Your questions can be related to your requirements. So, make sure you note them down and ask them all to a contractor before signing a deal.