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Anne Beasley, Washington, DC
Washington's solar contractors were revealed

A few companies can pull off solar projects in Washington, and I've found them all through HomeQuote. Just left my request on the website, filled out a form, and hey presto. Much simpler than I could have imagined.

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Kelli Carney, Riverside, CA
HomeQuote is good for searching local pros

It's my second time using this platform. And I can surely say they care about clients, assisting at every stage of the process.

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Grent Cobb, Columbus, OH
Superb service for those who seek solar installers

Contractor research is such a tedious activity. I spent almost 2 hours browsing Google and BBB, and I was nearly about to give up when I stumbled upon the HomeQuote website. Two minutes and the request for solar installation companies in Columbus was sent. I got connected to installers who are well-versed in what they do.

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Joseph Dotson, Portland, OR
PV panels installation deals

I came over the HomeQuote's ad on Facebook and left my request on the platform. I was impressed by how promptly they sent me solar contractor quotes. I'm going to use HQ for other requests too.

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Erik Hobbs, Rochester, NY
Reliable service

I have never had any troubles with HomeQuote. They always work diligently, immediately recommending companies in the specified area.

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CeeCee Li, Baltimore, MD
Cost-effective contractor-matching service

Thanks to HomeQuote, I found a renewable energy system specialist who operates in my area. It cost me nothing.

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Things to know before installing rooftop solar panels

Examine your roof condition

When you're about to go solar, you have to examine your roof condition. It might be a good idea to hire a certified inspector before planning a home solar system installation. If your roof is overloaded with multiple shingle layers, or you can see any buckles or ripples on it, it's not the right time to call a local solar company. Ensure your roof is in the pink of condition and won't need any major repairs in the coming years. Otherwise, you will have to pay extra for solar pannels reinstallation.

Check if your roof has enough room for panels

Residential roofs come in different shapes, specifications, and sizes. Not all of them are good for installing solar panels. Make sure your roof is of a standard form and has enough space to place as many panels as you need for good ROI. On top of that, the roof slopes should either face west or south.

Think about the sunlight amount your rooftop gets

To decide whether your house is suitable for solar panels, you should determine how much sunlight your roof gets. There are a few actionable tips to do that. First, you can just visually assess if the rooftop is sunlit within a day and for how many hours. Secondly, check the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) map showing how sunlight distributes by region. And, finally, give the Google Project Sunroof tool a try. It calculates the power that could be generated annually if installing solar panels on a particular roof and potential electricity savings.

Decide whether to go grid or off-grid

Another crucial point to consider before starting the "solar companies near me" research is whether to opt for an off-grid system or get connected to the local grid. Most homeowners choose to link their solar arrays with the local utilities to get involved in the net metering program. If you're not interested in selling extra electricity to the grid, your choice is the off-grid systems. They allow storing the solar energy produced during the day in batteries and provide you with power in places where utilities can't.

Estimate your PV system installation project spendings

If you decide to invest in PV systems installation, make sure to research local solar companies. Here are a few ways to do that quickly. You can search Google with the "solar panel installers near me" query to get the list of those contractors who have websites or GMB accounts. Another way is to ask your neighbors, colleagues, or friends for a reliable contractor recommendation. And, finally, the simplest way to get instant quotes from the best solar panel installation companies in your area is to leave the request on HomeQuote.


How to find a local solar contractor with HomeQuote?

HomeQuote is a helpful contractor-matching service allowing you to search for vetted local solar contractors in your area.

Here are a few simple steps you need to follow to contact a qualified solar pro through HomeQuote:

  1. Follow the main HomeQuote page
  2. Choose the solar section
  3. Point out the ZIP code of your area and submit it to follow the next stage

Next, you need to fill out the primary details of your project for better matching:

  • The average monthly electricity bill
  • The amount of sunlight your roof gets
  • The utility provider
  • Your contact information

By filling out each point, you will receive quotes from verified solar contractors open to your project.

How to choose the right solar company?

Choosing the right solar company is essential for the outcome of the project and the investment payback. The market is overcrowded with companies offering their PV installation and maintenance services, but not all of them can match your requirements.

We recommend you look for a local company rather than one operating nationwide. A local contractor offers better rates and after-sale services. In addition, they are more motivated to bring the best quality to their customers to stand out in the local market.

Another benefit of hiring a local contractor is saving yourself from the trouble of getting permits. Usually, this service is included in the final quote with your contractor.

What questions to ask a solar company before hiring?

If you are a novice in investing in solar panels, you should prepare a list of questions to ask prospective contractors before hiring them. These questions might be the following:

  • How long have they operated in the market?
  • Do they have a license and insurance?
  • What type of solar panel systems do they install?
  • Do they offer any warranty?
  • How much energy will you need for the panels?
  • How much do they charge for the installation?
  • What do they include in the pricing model?
  • How long will it take to install the solar panels?

The more information you get from the potential solar company, the better.

What is the best time of the year to install solar panels?

Each season has its pros and cons for installing PV panels.

Spring can be perfect for accomplishing a solar project. A comfortable temperature and a more extended light day enhance the effectiveness of the installer's crew. However, it's more likely the roof will need a repair after the long winter season.

Summer is a peak for most solar companies. You can get the maximum outcome immediately after the PV panels installation. However, the installation cost is exceptionally high this season, and contractors have less time to dedicate to your project.

Fall is a good season for installers and homeowners to get off-seasonal discounts. However, solar panels will produce less power.

Winter is not the best season, but many companies offer cheaper and faster installation rates. You also need to remove snow and ice from your roof.

It's up to you what season to choose, considering the cost and preliminary work to be done.

How to prepare your home for PV panel installation?

To get your home ready for PV panel installation, you need to take a range of steps:

  • Make a thorough roof checkup to verify if it is ready to be covered with solar panels
  • Make roofing repairs or replacements (if necessary)

FYI! Solar panels might serve for 20-25 years. So, you need to ensure your roofing will overlive your panels.

  • Remove any objects or tree branches that can get in the way of consuming green energy.
  • Choose between a meter or a battery.
  • Think of leasing or buying PV panels.
  • Find a vetted local solar contractor

What factors can affect the cost of residential solar panels?

Before starting your first solar panel installation project, determine the factors that might impact its cost. Here are the primary cost-affecting factors that will help you make the correct preliminary estimations before installing:

  • The state of your roof. If your roof needs to be repaired or replaced, it will take additional spending to get it ready for the installation of PV panels.
  • Local climate. All states are good to go solar. But in sunnier regions, getting two times more power with fewer panels is possible. The number of PV panels and their efficiency will affect the final estimate of your solar project.
  • Household energy consumption. Calculate your monthly energy consumption in kWh to understand how many panels you need to install. The more power you consume annually, the more solar panels should be installed.
  • Solar panel system size. The more panels you require, the bigger roof you need, and the higher the installation cost is.
  • Solar panel brand (price-quality ratio). The initial investment in solar panels can vary greatly depending on the system type and manufacturer. Lauded brands like Tesla will cost higher to install and maintain.
  • Labor costs. The expertise and reputation of a solar company or an individual contractor determine the level of hourly rate they charge.

How to decide whether your roof is ready for solar panels?

Before starting the solar project, you must verify whether your roof is ready for that. First, you should consider the roof age. It is not recommended to install solar panels on a roof with more than 20 years of lifespan. Next, you need to inspect your roof for leaks or broken shingles. All discovered issues should be tackled right away. If the problem is massive, replacing the whole roof before installing panels is better.

Even if you are sure about the excellent state of your roof, we suggest you not neglect a professional roofing inspection to confirm its readiness for solar panel installation.

How to estimate the ROI of your solar project?

Before taking advantage of a solar system, it is worth calculating the ROI that might pay you back over a particular time. To do that, you need to know how much you spent on electricity over the last year. Then, you need to divide the system's total cost by the annual benefit of installing the system. For example, the solar project costs $20.000. You paid $2.500 in electric bills to power your home before installation. The ROI of the solar project will pay you back in 8 years.