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Type of siding materials

If you're now selecting the best type of exterior siding, getting extra help with this question won't go amiss. HomeQuote is here to help you navigate the most sought-after siding options and stop on the most suitable one in terms of aesthetics and quality.

Brick veneer
Brick veneer
Natural stone
Natural stone

Tips on how to prepare your house for siding installation

When you hire a crew of professional siding installers for the first time, you need to figure out how to get ready for their arrival to ensure nothing will interfere with them along the process.

Here are a few steps to take to get your house ready for a professional siding installment:

Clear the yard. Consider taking away everything that might be on the siding installers' way, like garden equipment, hoses, outdoor furniture, potted plants, etc. This way, you'll reduce the downtime of the project.

Clear the yard
Take your garden ready

Take your garden ready. If your yard is planted with flowers or shrubs, consider covering them with a tarp to avoid collecting debris on them. Trees that are garden close to the house should be well trimmed to ensure their branches don't get in the way of the siding installation.

Clear the driveway and garage. You can expect the new siding materials to be delivered to the site a few days before the project start. You need to allocate a place for them in your garage. Besides, contractors will need to haul away debris during the installation process. That is why your driveway should be clear from vehicles to make way for the dumpster.

Clear the driveway and garage
Clear the interior walls

Clear the interior walls. Not only outside preparations should take place but inside ones. Take off all items hanging out on the walls and clear the shelves of fragile objects for the period of siding replacement. Due to the high vibration and shaking, things like framed photos, trophies, and art pieces can drop down and break.

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Here's what our clients say about their experience

siding stars
Matthew Mendez, Indianapolis, IN
Thanks for such a great experience and your hard work!

The siding contractors company we hired through this website were kind and patient with us. They helped us select the color and type of siding best suited for our ranch home. The updated home's look turned out exactly as we wanted.

siding stars
Carlos Marlatt, Darien, WI
High responsibility and consistency in communication

Our siding installation project went smoothly thanks to HomeQuote's dedication and the siding installers' team we worked with. They helped us feel comfortable during the process, and my wife and I can recommend this service to anyone who wants the job done right!

siding stars
Freddie Mathews, Solon, OH
Professional consultation and execution of work

I like how their service works - simple application, quick feedback, multiple price quotes to choose from, detailed consultations, and quality guarantees. My siding replacement project was accomplished in one business day.

siding stars
Roy Ramsey, Saginaw, MI
They made our house the way we had envisioned it

We used HomeQuote to order wooden siding installation for our single-story family house in Saginaw. Our experience turned out to be good as we got quality service, and our house now looks the way we'd envisioned it or even better.

siding stars
Rae Thompson, Bedford, VA
Easy-to-use service for contractors searching

Thanks to HomeQuote, we made the informed decision about hiring the siding installer in Bedford county. Simple website navigation and extensive support made the process quick and effective for us.

siding stars
Donna Jackson, Nogales, AZ
I love my new siding

Many thanks to HomeQuote for their assistance in finding me the accredited siding contractor in my city. This service is a boon if you, just like me, want to replace your siding without caring much about organizational aspects.

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The widespread siding problems and ways to approach them

Exterior siding is arguably the second most crucial element of the house after the roof. Not only does it safeguard the interior against natural disasters, but it also showcases the individual style of the building. However, regular exposure to precipitation, UV light, and high winds can't help but put their toll on siding integrity and appearance. Broken siding panels can impair the home's curb appeal and promote moisture damage and mildew growth. Recognizing the initial siding issues and their timely approach can save you a fortune in home repairs. Read on to learn about the warning signs pointing to a home's siding deterioration and effective tips to fix them.

  • Visible cracks and tears. Most siding materials, especially thin ones like vinyl and stucco, are vulnerable to punctures and cracks. Everything from hail and heavy objects to falling tree limbs and rocks can compromise their integrity, allowing water to penetrate and accumulate underneath. If you notice tiny cracks in your siding panels, it makes sense to apply a special patch kit to seal them and then paint the ready-made patches in the siding color. However, if some boards are entirely torn off and the holes are extensive, don't hesitate to call out one of the best siding contractors in your city. Professional replacement is the only recipe to get rid of extensive siding damage.
  • Moisture damage. Water damage is usually seen with the naked eye, especially if you have wooden siding. Rotten boards, algae, mildew, and mold mean that siding absorbs a lot of moisture that spreads to exterior walls. If you see any of the specified signs, make sure to address them by hiring a siding contractors company near you. They will evaluate the extent of the damage and decide whether a repair or replacement job is required. Moisture issues are usually addressed by removing the rotted area and replacing it with new boards.
  • Warping and buckling. These problems are relevant to siding materials vulnerable to rapid temperature drops. For instance, engineered wood and vinyl siding can buckle when expanding and contracting. Besides, if the siding panels were nailed down too tight, they won't have enough space to expand and most likely warp, causing extensive damage. You can prevent siding buckling by getting a material suitable for your regional climate and hiring siding installers who are certified to install it.
  • Paint peeling and fading. Even the most durable siding starts fading and peeling over the years of regular exposure to the sun, impairing your house's curb appeal and lowering its sale value. Real estate agents prove that a faded exterior reduces the chances of selling a home at a good price, cutting the ROI by more than 30%. The set of cleaning, sealing, and painting measures will keep your exterior siding in mint condition, prolonging its service life.
  • Interior signs of siding damage. If you're not a professional siding contractor, it might be troublesome to detect non-obvious signs of deterioration. However, you can always react to interior signs of siding damage, like discolored stains on the walls, loose wallpaper, and mold growth. These signs point to severe water damage to your siding and require immediate action. Find a qualified siding contractor near you who provides reasonably-priced inspection services. The complex inspection can reveal issues with your guttering system and roof that let water penetrate inside through the siding.
  • Pest infestation. This issue is relevant for wood siding owners as this natural material attracts many insects like bees, termites, beetles, and ants. They damage siding boards from the inside, and one can reveal the issue only with time when it's often too late. Using effective insecticides at least two times a year will reduce the extent of pest damage, saving you hundreds of bucks in the long run.
  • Raising energy bills. If your siding features multiple unseen gaps and holes or the insulation fails to serve its purpose, you might see the tendency to raise your electricity bills, especially in winter. Consider replacing your worn siding and adding additional insulation to enhance your comfort and optimize spending on utilities.

Hire the best siding contractors through HomeQuote to bid farewell to your siding problems

If you deal with any siding issues, rest assured you're not alone. Maintaining the siding, whether a universal vinyl or reliable stone veneer, is something every homeowner must face to keep their home insulated and protected from external factors. Proper siding upkeep should not be your burden, though. Entrust it to accredited local siding contractors who know their job and can prevent the appearance and deterioration of most issues. They can not only install any of the siding materials the professional way but also help you to keep it in the best condition till the end of its service life.

Finding local siding contractors is also simpler than you might think. With contractor-matching websites like HomeQuote, you can discover them in a matter of minutes. On top of that, you can compare their offers, expertise level, warranties, and rates for the specified amount of work. HomeQuote is always here to save your efforts in researching the local labor market and help you pick the best offer from the available.


What factors to consider before selecting a home siding type?

The type of siding is one of the most important decisions you need to make when it comes to the exterior of your home. The selected siding material won't only impact your house's curb appeal but also determines the level of its protection from the elements. Besides, installing new siding takes up a substantial part of the remodeling budget, and if you want to stay within the set sum, you need to determine it beforehand.

Here are the factors you must keep in mind considering the right siding type for your home:

  • Aesthetics. If your home's curb appeal matters much to you, set your sights on siding materials that have a traditional look, like natural stone and redwood. Make sure the tone and texture of the selected siding fit the overall style of your home and compliments the rest of your exterior.
  • Maintenance requirements and longevity. Depending on the local climate pattern, you may need a highly durable material to withstand strong winds and hail storms or a fading-resistant one that does not lose its color from being exposed to direct sun. It also makes sense to learn about siding upkeep requirements before getting it for your home, as sometimes spending on maintenance exceeds expectations.
  • Initial investment Discover the costs of popular siding materials in your state to budget your project based on the actual prices per square foot, the size of your house, and the local installation rates. Knowing the up-to-date prices will help you to stay within the budget you set out. Vinyl is traditionally the most affordable siding material, while brick veneer and stone cost high per material and labor.
  • Energy efficiency. Siding materials traditionally vary by their insulating properties. Take a look at the R-value of the selected siding type to understand its ability to impede thermal transfer. For instance, stucco has a lower R-value than mid-range vinyl.
  • Eco-friendliness. If you want to ensure your new siding does not harm the environment, consider green options like stucco, engineered wood, or fiber cement. Sustainability also refers to the ability of the material to conserve the energy required to heat or cool the home.

What types of siding materials last the longest?

Knowing the average lifespan of the selected siding material will help you to make a well-thought-out decision and invest your money right. Here is the list of popular siding materials and their average life spans.

Type of siding Average lifespan
Aluminum siding 20-30 years
Wood siding 25 - 40 years
Steel siding 35 - 40 years
Stucco siding 50 - 60 years
Vinyl siding 60 - 90 years
Fiber cement siding 100 years

What siding materials are the cheapest ones?

Vinyl and aluminum top the list of the most affordable siding options available on the market. The cost of vinyl starts as low as $3.50 per square foot, while aluminum can be purchased for $2.75 per square foot. Besides, these materials are simple to install, which means you won't spend much on the labor aspect of the project.

However, it's worth mentioning that vinyl and aluminum siding have a reduced service life compared to stone, wood, and fiber cement. They are just more affordable in terms of initial investment but might not be the best perspective in the long run.

What are the maintenance requirements for each siding type?

Proper upkeep is the key to durable and neat-looking exterior siding. To ensure your siding performs at its best, you need to inspect, clean, and repair it annually. The upkeep requirements vary from the type of siding your home features. See below to learn what are the most and least whimsical care siding materials.

Siding type Upkeep requirement
  • professional inspection at least twice a year
  • surface inspection every quarter
  • re-stain and re-sealant every 2 years
  • gentle cleaning 1-2 times a year
  • professional inspection 1-2 times a year, depending on the local climate
  • cleaning with a garden hose and a soap detergent 2 times a year
  • painting as needed (usually once in 3 years)
Fiber cement
  • professional inspection once a year
  • cleaning every 1-3 years (power washing is allowed)
  • painting every 10-20 years
  • professional inspection 1-2 times a year
  • surface inspection every quarter
  • annual washing
  • painting when needed

Does it pay off to hire a local siding contractor?

When it comes to installing or replacing home siding, there are countless aspects to consider, from finding the proper tools to buying and preparing materials. You should be aware of the finest details of the process and be able to overcome the difficulties that might appear down the process. If you lack expertise in installing exterior siding, don't try approaching this job yourself, as the chances are you will fail it and will need to pay twice. Instead, hire a siding installer with a good reputation in your neighborhood. Licensed and certified siding contractors who provide warranty on their services will give you peace of mind about the project's results and further siding performance. So, summing up, dealing with expert siding installers always pays off.