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John Poch, Belfast, TN
Agreeable quotes, instant feedback

I got my damaged gutter replaced in 2 hours. The HQ's staff was super efficient in responding to my request. Seems like a very good service.

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Keith Farrior, Newark, DE
No problems along the process

Everything went smoothly. The gutter protection pro was found instantly. Will recommend this service to my neighborhood community members.

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Madeline Hall, Seattle, WA
I'm pleased with their efficient service

First, these guys did a perfect sales job. Second, their gutter installation offers were relevant and affordable. My multiple questions were diligently answered, and finally, the contract was signed.

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Gregory Blanchard, Jackson, NJ
Responsive customer service

I got a detailed phone consultation on my gutter issue with the HomeQuote representative. We agreed on the best solution as well as the day and time when a technician should show up and overhaul my gutter protection system.

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Charlotte Emery, Warrensville Heights, OH
I'd highly recommend HomeQuote

I left my request, and within 12 hours, they responded and provided me with a written estimate for new gutters and gutter guards installation. It was a pleasure to work with their call center staff.

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Oscar T. Bennett, Seattle, WA
Dozens of gutter cleaning and repairing pros

I was amazed to come across so many gutter cleaning and repairing specialists on this platform. I accomplished a short questionary on this website and got 7 estimates the next day. Great that they cooperate with so many guttering pros in my city.

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Why is gutter installation a job for professionals, not DIY enthusiasts?

Homeowners, especially the aspiring ones, often underestimate the importance of gutter systems. Nevertheless, rain gutters play a crucial role in protecting a home's exterior from floods and water damage. Without downspouts, your siding and landscaping will be affected after the first heavy rain.

To ensure proper work of rain gutters, one should call out for professional installation services. Certified gutter contractors know the process from the inside out and avoid rookie mistakes that may result in water damage. If you have a set of needed tools and handyman expertise, you may try to take on the installing job yourself. However, this DIY attempt is a double-edged sword, and below, we explain why.

Potential consequences of poor rain gutters installation

A roof serves to protect a building and its contents from the elements and UV rays. However, the roof itself cannot perform as water drainage. There are downspouts and gutters that serve this purpose. These systems direct rainwater and snowmelt downhill, not letting it get into the basement.

If you've failed to install a gutter system the proper way, it will most likely result in major house repairs. Water collecting on the roof and then running down the walls may flood your attic and ruin the foundation. It will lead to growing mold and mildew on the walls and the ceiling in the long run. Regular water exposure will also affect your windows and siding, resulting in rot and corrosion. The driveway is another candidate that commonly falls victim to improper gutter system work and becomes heaved.

These and other damages may cost you a much higher price than professional gutter installation. Not only will you deal with costly repairs, but you will also lose up to 15% of your property's sale value.

Why hire local gutter installers?

To avoid complications resulting from poorly installed gutters, one should refer to a certified professional or a company. Here are a few undeniable facts that prove that gutter installation should be leaven to experts:

  • Cut down installation expenditures

    It is wrong to believe that getting spare parts and materials for rain gutters installation yourself is a cost-efficient solution. As a regular person, you cannot get the equipment needed for the job at wholesale prices, ending up paying premiums for every item. Besides, you should consider hidden fees you may face installing a gutter system yourself. For instance, getting a robust ladder and brackets can cost a pretty buck.

    Experienced guttering pros have a well-organized supply system and deal directly with wholesale vendors to cut material costs. That is why you save more than you spend when you hire a local gutter and downspout installer.
  • Eliminate the risk of costly errors

    If you think installing rain gutters is a breeze, then don't. This process is rather complicated and requires special skills and equipment. Every detail from accurate measurement to proper placement affects gutters' longevity. Inexperienced DIYers or so-called jack of all trades make installation mistakes that result in leakages and water damage. Our contractors are often called to deal with wrong gutter pitch, gaps between guttering systems and fascia board, etc. Improper installation is the only culprit of these issues and their costly repairs.

    If you seek to skimp on gutter system installation, you have to realize that your attempts to do it yourself will result in bigger spending in the long run. Proven gutter installers know how to place gutters right the first time, saving you the bother of making repairs again and again.
  • Prioritize your personal safety

    Work at height, be it roofing or guttering, is a risky affair that should not be performed by laypeople. To install rain gutters, one should climb on the rooftop using an extension ladder while keeping balance and attention to detail. A handyman operates with a power drill, pop rivet gun, and other equipment that require safe handling. Even a skilled gutter contractor is not immune to accidents, let alone amateur artisans who are not prepared to work at height.

    Hire a local gutter installer with the proper certification and insurance policy and save yourself from injures and costly installation mistakes. The value of safety and health is much higher than those silly attempts to save a few extra bucks.
  • Get service quality guarantee

    Are you googling for the "gutter installation near me" query? Well, then you're on the right track. Booking professional installation of downspouts, gutter systems, and protectors gives you the advantage of getting unmatched results in a matter of hours. Expert handymen don't work with gutters that come in sections as they are prone to leakages. Instead, they are set their sights on developing seamless gutters that perfectly fit underneath the drip edge flashing of the roof. Pros know how to hang rain gutters so that they will look pleasing after installation and ensure smooth functionality. On top of that, you can expect to get a 5-7 years warranty on installation services from reputable gutter companies.


How to find a local gutter contractor through HomeQuote?

Finding a local gutter contractor through HomeQuote is easy as A-B-C. HomeQuote is a contractor-matching platform that automatically processes your details and delivers the best offers from top-rated gutter specialists operating nearby. To take the most out of it, you should complete the following steps:

  • Navigate to the HomeQuote website
  • Choose the gutter project
  • Type in the ZIP code of your location/li>
  • Input your project details: repair or installation
  • Provide contact information

After these steps, you will receive quotes that will match your requirements. Then, you are free to explore the candidates and contact them to estimate their experience and competence.

What factors to consider when hiring a gutter contractor?

Once you find a potential gutter contractor, you should get as much information about them as possible. Thus, you will secure yourself from impostors and significant losses. It is essential to ask them to provide the necessary documentation that confirms their legal performance within the industry. You can do it by asking:

  • What is their expertise?
  • Do they have any recommendations?
  • Can they show their last projects?
  • Do they offer any warranty?
  • What is the local address of their office?/li>

You have the right to ask for additional information to ensure a gutter contractor is a pro.

How much does gutter replacement cost?

The gutter replacement cost varies, depending mostly on the type of gutter you use. For example, if you choose an aluminum gutter, you will pay an average price of $5-$12 per linear foot. For a steel gutter – around $8-$20 per linear foot. For more expensive gutters, like zinc and copper, the average cost is $20-$25 and $25-$40, respectively. If you choose the cheapest alternative, a vinyl gutter, you will pay $3-$5 per linear foot. The price includes a labor rate.

How long does a gutter installation take?

Answering the question of how long a gutter installation takes is a bit tricky. The installation timing might depend on different influencing factors like the home’s size, the roof’s shape, the gutter type used, and the weather climate. However, considering an average-sized home, the gutter installation might take around 1-4 hours. For larger homes (over 300 square feet), it might range from 3 to 8 hours.

What are the signs showing you need new gutters?

Gutters are more susceptible to weather conditions and protect your house foundation from water penetration. So how to know when you need to replace the gutters? Let’s look through the main signs you should take considerable measures immediately:

  • Pooling water. If you notice any water pools around your house foundations, it is a sign to change your gutters.
  • Holes and cracking. If you find your gutters with signs of cavities, cracks, or peeling paint, they will likely start leaking. In addition, it might cause damage to your fascia boards.
  • Sagging and warping. If gutters look flooded with water and dirt, it’s a sign for you to replace them as soon as possible. They can fail at any time.

If you notice any of these signs, the time is ripe to replace gutters.

How to extend the service life of your gutters?

Gutters play an essential part in your home's integrity. Unfortunately, poor maintenance can lead to deterioration and cause damage to a house at large. That's why you should take particular measurements to extend their service life. Follow the next tips to let your gutter serve longer:

  • Keep gutters clean. With time, they get dirty. So, make sure you clean twice or triple a year.
  • Provide regular inspection. This is crucial to accomplish by an expert who can define any sign of damage or aging of the gutter and downspout.
  • Clean the roof and ground of leaves. The leaves can block the water flow in the gutters.
  • Tighten loose gutters. Make sure to secure gutters after years of use.
  • Benefit from gutter guards. They are an excellent option to prolong your gutters' life.

What is the best type of gutter system?

The best type of gutter system is the one that matches your design project and serves well. What exact type to select? It depends on your ability to pay as well. There are four types of gutter systems:

  • Half-round (or U-style). This system is commonly found in old houses where snow and ice can add weight when sliding off a roof.
  • K-style. K-angled gutters are frequently used in modern architecture and match well with various roofing materials.
  • Seamless. This gutter system is much more practical, has a longer lifespan, and performs better.
  • Fascia. This system is a made-to-measure alternative that carries more decorative meaning. However, it is more costly and requires professional installation. Usually, it is made of copper or aluminum.

What are the best gutter materials?

The best gutter materials serve a very long period and can fit the house’s style. Let’s find out what gutter materials exist:

  • Copper. It outlasts any other gutter type and is extremely expensive. It is recommended to be installed professionally only.
  • Zinc. It can serve up to 50 years. It is durable and must be welded.
  • Steel. It can last for decades and withstand wind and snow. It is less variable in color and style. It also needs to be welded.
  • Aluminum. It is the top choice in terms of its affordability and longevity. It exists in various styles and colors. Most gutter experts recommend it. But it is not suitable for the coastal climate.
  • Vinyl. It is the cheapest option but with the shortest life expectancy. It’s easy to handle for DIY installation and doesn’t rust.