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Hard flooring materials

Are you in the market for a durable flooring option that can withstand heavy foot traffic without losing its original look for decades? Discover the following types of long-lasting flooring options to suit your lifestyle.

Tile flooring
Tile flooring
Solid wood flooring
Solid wood flooring
Bamboo flooring
Bamboo flooring
Laminate Flooring
Laminate Flooring
Tile flooring
Tile flooring
Solid wood flooring
Solid wood flooring
Bamboo flooring
Bamboo flooring
Laminate Flooring
Laminate Flooring

Textile flooring materials

Are you looking for a flooring material that can provide you with a feeling of unmatched comfort and luxury? Being a good insulator and sound absorber, carpeting is a wise home improvement investment.

See popular textile floors

Resilient flooring materials

Do you need an elastic floor to lay it on an uneven surface? Or do you want to skimp on flooring maintenance? Consider one of the resiling flooring options described below.

Vinyl flooring
Vinyl flooring
Linoleum flooring
Linoleum flooring
Rubber flooring
Rubber flooring
Cork flooring
Cork flooring
Vinyl flooring
Vinyl flooring
Linoleum flooring
Linoleum flooring
Rubber flooring
Rubber flooring
Cork flooring
Cork flooring

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panels installation

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replacement & repair

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Gutters & Gutter guards installation

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HomeQuote is your best answer to the "flooring contractors near me" request

Flooring is a permanent part of the interior. Its appearance can make or break the property's overall style and value. That is why it's of utmost importance to pay particular attention to its quality, compliance with other design elements, and, last but not least, the correctness of its installation. Floors that satisfy your needs and fit your home's interior can take your living lifestyle to the next level.

Hiring an authorized general flooring contractor with years of experience behind their belt will give you peace of mind about the right material choice and the professional approach to fitting and finishing. Except for outstanding service, you will also leverage from extended material and workmanship warranty. Please don't go the DIY route when it comes to installing a new floor in your home, as you will hardly avoid challenges and financial losses. The only right approach to the flooring project is to deal with a crew of experts.

Factors to consider when hiring floor installers

A full-fledged flooring update is a serious home improvement investment, and you want nothing but the best quality and first-class service. Use our tried-and-true contractor-searching hacks to filter out unqualified floorings subcontractors and find the perfect fit for your budget.

Ask about the training courses the flooring contractor has completed

Want to ensure the selected professional keeps abreast of the innovative approaches and successfully implements them in life? Ask them about manufacturer certification. Certified flooring contractors have excellent knowledge and expertise in the products they use and can provide you with valuable recommendations on the flooring materials that match your budget and needs. If you seek a pro to fit solid wood floors, check if they participate in the National Wood Flooring Association. This credential can say a lot about the selected contractor's workmanship.

Check if the prospective flooring installer has a license and insurance

The lower cost of flooring services can often be explained by the absence of contractor licensing.

Don't put the whole project at risk by trying to skimp on installation services. A bonded contractor who holds valid licensing is your only safe bet. Being qualified by a local licensing authority, a flooring expert proves that he meets the set requirements to do installation jobs right. Along with being licensed, the best flooring companies also have compensation coverage that protects their contractors and subcontractors in case of on-the-job accidents.

Examine former client references and request a portfolio

Are you searching for floor installers near you? Start the ball rolling on your project by asking for referrals from local community members, colleagues, and friends, as the chances are one of them has had a flooring project done in the past. Check the portfolio of the flooring contractor whom people speak highly about to convince yourselves of their competence. Another way to examine a flooring company's performance record is to search for its page on online review platforms.

Check if your floor-covering installer is attentive to the details

The foundation of any successful cooperation is complete mutual understanding. Be sure to ask your prospective flooring contractor about the project's specifics, like materials and tools to be used, installation practices, timeframe, etc. Professionals with attention to detail are best to deal with as they carefully supervise every step of the installation, ensuring the job is done professionally and in a timely manner.

Ask a flooring company to provide you with a detailed estimate

When you're in the final stage of hiring a flooring crew, request a clear-cut written estimate with a breakdown of costs. This way, you will secure yourself from unpleasant surprises like overcharging and extra fees for services not mentioned in the initial deal. Ensure the estimate lists everything from the supply to labor charges and other project-associated expenses. Besides, clarify the preferable forms of payment acceptable by a contractor and the possible payment schedule.


How to understand if you need a new floor?

No flooring is built to last forever. Even the most durable material meets the end of its service life, showing unconcealed signs of wear and tear. There are cases when flooring maintenance and repair do not make much difference, promoting even more deterioration and leading to health and safety risks. That is when the only option is to invest in new flooring.

Here are the signs pointing to the need for an immediate flooring replacement:

  • Extensive water damage. If your home was flooded due to a broken pipe or roof leakage, the water undoubtedly took its toll on the flooring. You can understand it by visually examining the floor surface. If you see any dark stains and bulging, react without further ado to prevent mold growth and subfloor rotting.
  • Heavy wear. The service life of flooring can vary depending on the material. Carpet flooring is recommended to replace every 5 - 10 years, while top-quality wood can serve 50 years or longer. Synthetic materials like vinyl and linoleum have a shorter lifespan than traditional and solid options like stone, hardwood, and tile.
    No matter the flooring type, the signs of heavy wear on it are seen by the naked eye. They include peeling, swelling, sagging, and bubbling. Besides, stubborn stains, sunken floorboards, excessive scratches, cracks, and scuffs can catch your eye. The signs of pest infestation, as well as mold and mildew, should also make you think about replacing the existing flooring soon.
  • Flooring discoloration. Flooring options like vinyl, laminate, and hardwood are prone to discoloration, especially with a lack of decent maintenance. If professional cleaning does not make your flooring look bright, the problem goes deeper. Regular dampness and mold growth can make your floor lose its initial color. In this case, flooring replacement is the only reasonable investment with the chance to recoup.
  • Flooring unevenness. The floors can sag and slope, creating an unattractive surface that lowers the home's sale value. The reasons behind flooring unevenness are even more severe than one could imagine - from insufficient home structure support to water damage and soil erosion around your foundation. Hire a professional flooring installers team to find the root cause and level the existing floor.

What are the best flooring types for heavy foot traffic?

Every homeowner picks flooring material in accordance with their household needs, family composition, and plans about selling a property. As a rule, families with kids and pets prefer sturdy flooring types like hardwood, concrete, tile, and stone. These floors also make sense as a long-term investment in the house's look enhancement and its resale value.

Here are some of a few popular flooring options that are built to last:

  • Concrete flooring. This is the most durable indoor flooring you could find on the market. Concrete creates a uniform surface and can be painted in the most vivid colors, becoming an excellent solution for both residential and commercial premises. This flooring has unmatched scratch and moisture resistance and can be installed everywhere, from basements to laundry rooms and parking spaces.
  • Natural stone. This high-end material is the number one solution for residential flooring that can vie with concrete for durability. Lasting in nature for thousands of years, stones can weather anything that comes their way. The same rule goes for stone flooring. Heavy foot traffic, spills, and scratches cannot drastically affect its appearance, ensuring its extended service life (50 - 100 years).
  • Solid hardwood. This is one of the longest-lasting floorings loved by American homeowners all over the country. Its natural beauty, sturdiness, and resistance to wear and tear make it the absolute favorite for fitting in most house premises. Nevertheless, solid hardwood flooring can also become scratched at some moment in its service life. Fortunately, you can quickly give it a second life by sanding it with a drum sander and staining it.
  • Ceramic and porcelain. Tiles made of ceramic and porcelain are distinguished by their fascinating appearance, moisture, and scratch resistance. This flooring option is suitable for areas with regular dampness, like bathrooms, laundries, and entrance halls. However, to be fair enough, tiles can be cracked if something heavy drops on their surface. Fortunately, a cracked tile can be easily replaced without the need to rip off the whole flooring surface.
  • Bamboo flooring. Stranded variations of bamboo flooring offer sky-high durability, moisture, and stain resistance. Adhesives mean a lot for bamboo floors - the more it is put between planks, the tougher and more durable the flooring will be. If properly maintained, this eco-sustainable material can last as long as 20 - 35 years, even while being installed in the areas with the highest level of foot traffic.

What is the best low-maintenance commercial flooring?

Commercial flooring is a surface for extremely high-traffic areas. The type of flooring material for commercial premises depends on their orientation. Solid hardwood, tiles, and marble are often used for hotel lobbies and fancy restaurants. Concrete flooring is the ultimate choice for grocery stores, warehouses, galleries, and concert halls. Regardless of your facility goals, the features that your commercial flooring should possess include durability, moisture, and dirt resistance.

Here are the best flooring materials for commercial applications:

  • Polished concrete. This effectively-looking material is easy to install and affordable to upkeep, which makes it the #1 choice for industrial applications. Polished concrete is extremely sturdy and can easily withstand high foot traffic and heavy load. Besides, it is not afraid of oil stains and chemical spills.
  • Luxury vinyl tile. LVT is one of the most durable vinyl flooring variations suitable for offices and entrance halls. It's designed with an outer layer that can withstand wear and tear, canceling the need for regular maintenance. Regular sweeping and mopping are enough to keep luxury vinyl tile flooring in mint condition.
  • Carpet tile. This flooring option can be commonly seen in hospitals and hotels. It has a soft surface, but it does not interfere with its durability and resistance to wear and tear. Besides, carpet tile flooring is easy to upkeep as you can replace one or two tiles in case of damage or stain.
  • Quarry tile. This extremely sturdy flooring material cannot offer a vivid design yet ensures a long service life with almost zero maintenance required. If you prioritize function over appearance and form, quarry tiles can become your best bet for many years. This commercial flooring is used for loading docks, kitchens, basements, and receiving areas.

How much does floor installation near me cost?

The national average flooring installation cost is $13.00 per square foot, including material and labor. However, one could pay as little as $4.50 per square foot for the affordable laminate of vinyl flooring or as much as $25.00 per square foot for high-end flooring options like hardwood and natural stone. Filing a floor in a standard 320-square-foot living room can range from $1.200 to $7.800.

The primary cost-changing variabilities include flooring material type, the subflooring condition, the size of the area to be covered, and local labor costs. Check our in-depth flooring buying guide to learn more about each flooring material type and its installation cost.

How to save money on flooring installation?

As we said before, a flooring installation project can cost as much as $7.800 for a standard-sized room. This tangible home improvement spending only some budgets are capable of bearing. That is why you might be interested in the effective ways to save on materials and installation. There are more ways to skim on materials since you have lots of options for what to buy and where to buy it. However, we can also give you a few tips on saving your installation costs too.

  • Spruce up the existing flooring surface. Start by assessing the degree of damage to the existing floors. You might not need to replace your flooring if it can still be repaired or polished. If you have hardwood floors that are only 10-15 years old, you can just refinish them, saving a bundle on a complete replacement. Besides, you can paint or varnish your wood floors if they look shabby. These simple restoration approaches give them their initial look at an affordable price.
  • Get a more affordable flooring material alternative. If your old floors are too far gone to save, you should not necessarily go for luxury flooring materials that cost over the odds. You can always get the look you want for less with a different type of flooring. For instance, high-end hardwood flooring can be substituted with luxury vinyl tile or thick laminate flooring, while natural stone flooring can be substituted with concrete. And even within the same flooring types, you can always find a cheaper option. Just pick the minimum required density and moisture resistance per the room where this floor is meant to be placed.
  • Negotiate with local flooring contractors. When searching for the best flooring pro to hire for your project, compare multiple price quotes to get the best deal. Make sure to negotiate with your prospective installer to reduce the project cost without cutting corners.

Actional solutions to get the lower flooring installation bid:

  • Request a separate quote on flooring materials directly from a manufacturer (contractors often get wholesale prices on supplies, but they may inflate the cost for you)
  • Do your flooring project in a slow season like winter
  • Cross off all additional services from the offer, like furniture moving or old flooring disposal
  • Ask for a discount by promoting flooring company services through your social media channels or by placing their sign in your yard

How to find a floor installer near you through HomeQuote?

Every homeowner wants to find a reputable contractor who can bring value, recouping every invested dollar. However, most will find the task of finding such a pro quite intimidating and troublesome. You may wonder what a suitable solution to this case is. Our best answer to you is HomeQuote! This rapidly-developing American contractor-matching platform has helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners all over the country to get their flooring projects done professionally and on time. And you're next who can get the most out of your flooring investment by hiring an accredited installer through HomeQuote. The best part is that this contractor-matching service is 100% user-friendly and free.

Stop scrolling the Google search results page by the "flooring near me" request. Fill out a simple questionnaire on HomeQuote and enjoy instant matching with accredited flooring professionals operating nearby.